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Global network

With offices across the UK, Europe, America, Canada, and Australia, we have unrivalled access to a global network of manufacturers and global logistics providers wherever you are in the world.

Whether we’re delivering a regular order or responding to the urgent needs of a changing market, we can arrange for immediate dispatch from the large stock levels we hold at multiple freight hubs.

Through the turbulence of the Covid pandemic, we have successfully delivered over 500 million items globally.

Trusted partnerships with suppliers

We go to great lengths to identify and build long-term relationships with preferred accredited suppliers, typically manufacturers of market-leading brands, who can operate at scale.

With some of our strongest partnerships, we’ve known key people for decades. This allows us to reliably source and procure products at speed. We focus on providing the best quality products for our customers’ needs, be they branded or own brand.

Our nitrate gloves are made by Hartalaga, the world’s largest and highest quality glove manufacturer. Our pipette tips’ producer also supplies Eppendorph, one of the world’s leading life science companies. And we’ve partnered with globally trusted Lyher, to supply Rapid Antigen Test Kits which have been approved by both the MHRA in the UK and the TGA in Australia.

Ongoing search for innovation

We’re always looking for new products and services that could be game changers in our market.

Sometimes we develop our own. For example, we created a simple app that allows employees to report their Rapid Antigen Test results, so their employers can monitor and control Covid in their workplaces. This proved so popular that it’s now operating at scale in Denmark.

We’ve offered this solution to our customers alongside their Rapid Antigen Kits. The kits themselves, configured to work for both home and workplace testing, were sourced from our partners Lyher and distributed globally.

We have developed CleanZero, the world’s first 100% environmentally friendly cleaning solution. This totally sustainable cleaner is made from re-engineered water. No chemicals, no waste, just pure micro-filtered water.

Speed and agility

We provide a sales and order fulfilment service that allows us to respond quickly to our customers’ changing health and safety demands.

Working closely with our logistics partners UPS, DHL, Scan Global Logistics and DSV, we can source from multiple manufacturing locations globally as well as hold large amounts of stock locally.

This proved invaluable when Covid-19 disrupted many customers’ supply chains and airports were forced to close. We went above and beyond to fulfil deliveries that other distributors simply couldn’t.

Robust supply chain

Our supply chain is built around relationships that go back over the past 25 years. By working with trusted and experienced logistics and distribution professionals, we have a proven track record of delivering results at the very highest level, with perfect service delivered at every stage.

Our team can help you with production planning, arranging global transit, ensuring customs clearance and delivering locally. Meanwhile our tracking system allows you to follow your goods from production to protection.

We are registered suppliers on Achilles Services, global leader in supply chain performance, joining a community of buyers and suppliers streamlining procurement and raising standards.

Expertise and experience

Our 300+ strong global team, across our network of partners, brings huge experience and enables us to set high standards in line with our values.
We have dedicated staff working within prime freight carriers ensuring confidence from pick-up to drop-off.

We have dedicated support teams for each customer, who guarantee a one-hour turnaround on quote requests, and then ensure individual requirements are delivered exactly as required.

When we’re faced with a new challenge, we bring in experts. For example, Professor Neil Ashworth is a Non-Executive Board Director of 2San. He led the delivery of the UK Department of Health’s National Covid testing programme and is an invaluable adviser on logistics in extraordinary situations.