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Needles & Syringes

The range includes all conventional syringes, available with leur slip or leur lock which can be attached to a needle of any size & variety, including the ultra-low dead space range with safety slip or the hypodermic.

•Leur lock syringe options available​
• Leur slip syringe options available​
• Safety needles 21-25g​
• Low dead space syringe

Dressings & Wound Care

A variety of dressings and wound care products to reduce wound bacteria, debride and promote an ideal healing environment.

Procedure Packs & Drapes

Our comprehensive range of surgical packs and drapes offers renowned brands tailored to your surgical needs, providing superior quality and protection in surgical procedures.

Sterilisation Consumables

A range of sterilisation consumables providing the highest level of protection, allowing sterilisation of enclosed instruments and maintaining this sterility until opened for use. Continued innovation in our wrap technology ensures ease of use and reliability across the range.