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Hand Gels & Sanitisers

Clean, care and protect your hands with Craftex Hand Gel / Sanitiser, an effective alcohol formulation available in options ranging from 60% - 85%.  Alcohol destroys disease-causing agents and pathogens by breaking apart proteins, splitting cells into pieces and disarranging the cell’s metabolism.​

Surface & Personal Wipes

The range offers a wide spectrum of sizing & dispenser options from single-pack to pillow to bucket in both non-alcoholic and alcohol consisting of 70% saturated Isopropyl alcohol-base.​

Carpet & Upholstery

A full range of solutions for stain removal, periodic cleaning, deodorising and protecting.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Mopping, tank scrubbing, scrubber drying, daily maintenance, specialist floor surfaces - 2san has it all.

Surface Cleaners

Eradicate bacteria and eliminate viruses on every surface in every environment.

Chemical Free Cleaning

A totally sustainable, chemical-free cleaner, made from re-engineered water.