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Healthshare New South Wales

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Healthshare NSW is a statewide organisation established to provide high quality shared services to support the delivery of patient care within the NSW Health system.   The Department of Health needed to urgently procure Rapid Antigen Tests for their health services to help protect the more vulnerable segments of the population from Covid-19.  

We were able to quickly procure our 2San Lyher testing kits, bringing in the certified product at speed from the manufacturing country of origin.  The test kits are quick, and easy and can be conducted at home with accurate results in 15 minutes.  We were able to fully meet all the regulations, certification and all other processes required, through the rigorous tender process.

Given the critical nature of the situation, we then set up an ongoing working partnership with the Health Authority, to ensure full visibility of the scheduled deliveries.   This involved daily meetings to ensure transparent communication and updates, which enabled accurate and on time delivery.