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McArthur Glen Shopping Centres

  • 1 min read
McArthur Glen operates designer outlets within easy reach of major cities. As part of a trial, we were asked to install Purex® 80 cabinets at two of their sites in Swindon and York. We were comparing the effectiveness of the sites’ current cleaning chemicals with our chemical-free, 100% environmentally friendly Purex cleaning solution. 

Purex is created by passing tap water through seven stages of filtration to remove chlorine, natural minerals, grit and other inorganic compounds such as calcium. This results in an instable composition which, when passed over surfaces absorbs dirt, leaving them clean and streak free.

The five key touchpoint areas within the shopping centres were regularly monitored throughout the trial using Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP) swabs.

Both sites recorded a reduction of surface residues, which attract and hold bacteria and dirt, and lower impurities.