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Kew Gardens

  • 1 min read
Kew Royal Botanic Gardens are the world’s most famous botanical gardens. Situated in south-west London they boast landscapes, glass houses, historic buildings and a vast range of rare and beautiful plants.

The rubberised safety flooring in the ‘Climbers & Creepers’ children’s play area had become heavily ingrained with dirt build-up over time. Both Kew Gardens and its incumbent cleaning contractor had been advised that there was no possible way of cleaning the flooring area without damaging the surface.

We surveyed the site, considering constraints such as steeply curved, uneven and hard to reach areas, then used the Craftex FRV 30 foam, rinse, vacuum system. Craftex Champion Lemon foam was gently brushed into the flooring by either the Craftex Dryfible contra-rotating brush unit or the Craftex combi handheld battery scrubber on the hard-to-reach areas. This was then gently rinsed with clean water and extracted away. Whilst drying, a mist spray of Craftex Citrus Fresh was applied to kill any bacteria and eradicate any odours. The floor was left free of any possible bacteria and cleaned without any damage.