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Churchill Contract Services

  • 1 min read
Churchill Contract Services is the facilities management business responsible for the Newcastle Metro System. They invited us to perform cleaning trials at three Metro locations, using our latest Craftex innovations on three critical surfaces: the tactile ground surface indicator, the tiled concourse area and the escalator treads.

We applied our environmentally friendly degreaser cleaner, to the tactical ground surface indicators and used a mechanical brushing tool to remove the sticky build-up of soiling. The results were beyond expectations.

The tiled concourse areas were treated with our Purex chemical-free cleaning innovation applied with the Craftex Contour Orbital oscillating machine. The trial proved successful, bringing the standard of cleanliness up while reducing slips, trips, and bacteria levels.

Finally, we used our low-cost, high-speed REN clean escalator cleaning system on the treads.

From these trials we’re proud to be the preferred supplier for cleaning innovation to the Churchill business.